Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


First year project.
An illustrative book graphically explaining the use of a hand full of typographic terminologies.

'We're All Watching You'

Name and shame, anti cigarette litter campaign. Reactions ranged from laughter and embarrassment, to anger and paranoia. Either way, they deserved it and it was funny.

Paul Arden quotation type.

'Sometimes the clever thing is not to be too clever' - Paul Arden.

Ever seen the cover of his book, 'Whatever you think, think the opposite' book?

Type proposal


Real short film I made, inspired and performed by a Mr. Daniel Maluleka. Based on the idea of a clash of the cultures, between South Africa and London, it is basically a dance off.


The backing track was originally a track called '9 Samurai' by 'Kode 9'. Since then I have mashed it up to fit the bill. I completely restructured it, added a load of African drums, did some maaaassive EQ fiddling to the original sample and jammed in a bit of bass.

Window Shopping Scratch Cards

Our new scratch cards illustrate the dopamine high people receive while window shopping. Shopaholics and gamblers experience the same high as attained by a variety of different drug users when the chemical 'dopamine' is released in to the brain. We reckon this explains why people return to the same old high street names in hope that that they will find something new on offer, often to be let down.

Show at KK Outlet, 'SHOP!' Hope you made it. Loads of real nice work.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Future of Eyesight

Just a bit of typographic predictions. Me, Jack and Paul Chan definitely think that in the future, all this computer use will mess our eyes up. We reckon that in years to come, we will look back on what was 20/20 text and it will be all blocky and ruined thanks to staring at pixels too often.

To be published in one of Eugene's type annual things.